Safety Tips


Our decorative items in the product category BAG ACCESSOIRES contain neodymium magnets. Please note the SafetyTips on the handling of neodymium magnets.

PACEMAKER Neodymium magnets may impair the functioning of implanted medical devices (e.g. pacemakers or defibrillators). As a rule, this decorative item containing neodymium magnets should be kept at least 15 cm away from implanted medical devices (pacemakers or defibrillators).

SMALL CHILDREN Magnets are not toys! Make sure that this decorative item containing neodymium magnets does not fall into the hands of small children. They may remove the neodymium magnets from the decorative item and swallow them. Swallowed neodymium magnets may cause serious injuries to children, so if this happens you should immediately inform the ambulance service or visit a doctor.

AIR TRANSPORT AND AIR FREIGHT The magnetic fields of neodymium magnets may affect the navigation devices of aircraft. In the worst case, this may lead to an accident. For safety reasons, this decorative item containing neodymium magnets must not be carried in hold luggage or hand luggage. Magnetised material is classified by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) as dangerous good. With regard to air freight shipments we refer to IATA Dangerous Goods Packaging Regulation No. 953. Neodymium magnets are allowed on air freight in properly labelled packaging which has adequate magnetic shielding. For more information please visit

LIVE PARTS Neodymium magnets are metallic and electrically conductive. Please make sure that the neodymium magnets on this decorative item do not come into contact with electrically conductive cables or components, otherwise there could be a risk of a fatal electric shock.

BRUISING Neodymium magnets have a very powerful magnetic pull. If they are handled carelessly or inappropriately, fingers may be crushed between the magnets, which may lead to bruising. Only attach this decorative item to the sides of pockets. Keep it in the original packaging with the magnetic shielding in which it is delivered.

METAL SPLINTERS Neodymium magnets are made of very brittle material. If they collide with one another, the strong magnetic pull may cause them to fracture into numerous sharp-edged splinters. Be careful when handling the neodymium magnets attached to this decorative item in order to avoid injuries.

HEAVY OBJECTS Neodymium magnets may unexpectedly come loose from the adhesive surface as a result of material fatigue, sudden strain or material defects. Magnets and falling loads may cause injuries or damage to property. Please do not remove the neodymium magnets from this decorative item and do not use them for attaching other objects.

PROCESSING When neodymium magnets are mechanically processed the drilling dust can easily ignite. Please refrain from processing the neodymium magnets attached to this decorative item.

NICKEL ALLERGY The neodymium magnets on this decorative item have a nickel coating. Please do not handle the decorative item if you have a nickel allergy. Nickel allergies may also develop due to continuous contact with objects containing nickel. Therefore, please avoid continuous skin contact with neodymium magnets. To ensure that your skin does not come into direct contact with the neodymium magnets, the neodymium magnets on the decorative item are covered with PVC protective film. Please do not remove it from the decorative item.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES The magnetic field of neodymium magnets may damage sensitive electronic devices such as television sets, computers, mobile phones or credit cards. The pocket wall is fitted with magnetic shielding. Attach the decorative item in the middle of the pocket wall. If it is not attached to the pocket wall, be sure to maintain the necessary safety distance between the decorative item and electronic devices.

SENDING BY MAIL The magnetic fields of improperly packed magnets may cause malfunctions in sorting machines or damage sensitive goods in other packages. If you would like to send this decorative item back, please use our original packaging with magnetic shielding and a generously dimensioned parcel box with filling material.

The magnets are free of hazardous substances pursuant to the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and are not subject to a registration requirement under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH).